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Italian entrepreneurs rediscover Eritrea-La  Eighty Italian entrepreneurs visited the former colony to consider investments after the lifting of sanctions on Asmara by the UN by SARA BENNEWITZ 13th December 2018 MILAN  - Eritrea is thriving again and after peace, the new agreements

HORN OF AFRICA, ITALY’S ROLE IN ERITREA, SOMALIA AND ETHIOPIA In the Horn of Africa, peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia changed the scenario. And Italy may play a role. A trip of PM Giuseppe Conte to Ethiopia and Eritrea is planned in October.

The Eritreans on board the military ship “Diciotti” On 20th August the “Diciotti” Italian military ship stopped in the harbour of Catania. The Italian Ministry of the Interior did not allow the landing of about 150 "illegal" migrants on our coasts,

BETWEEN ERITREA AND ETHIOPIA THE HOUR OF PEACE HAS COME Asmara, President Isaias Afewerki during his speech on Martyrs Day, 20th June 2018. ERITREA WILL SEND A DELEGATION TO ADDIS ABABA. Eritrea, after Ethiopia announced its commitment to respect the Algiers

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: THE SECURITY COUNCIL OF THE UN SANCTIONS SIX TRAFFICANTS, four Libyans, an Ethiopian, an Eritrean head of the network The United Nations Security Council  five years after the sinking of Lampedusa, in which 366 people died, most of them

EritreaLive interviews Alessandro Pellegatta: ERITREA, end and rebirth of an African dream The book “Eritrea, fine e rinascita di un sogno africano” by Alessandro Pellegatta will be published in the next few days, (Casa Editrice Besa, euro 15) A beautiful book

Amete Debretzion: “30 years ago I was like Rosa Parks: on the bus they shouted me to give up my seat to white people” Amete Debretzion, who is originating from Eritrea, was the victim of a case of racism in 1988